Friday, November 12, 2010

shopping galore!

I went shopping this week at Cherry Hill, its a bit of a ride hmmm around 5 miles lol! I can't count how many traffic lights to get there, that means its kinda far of a ride hahahah considering Deptford Mall which is just 2 traffic lights from my house, let's say not even a mile. Ask my brother-in-law David, he knew what I am talking about.

I just bought couple of tops and 2 sweaters, I'll post my shopping finds when I feel like doing it for the meantime I'll share you my shopping companions.

Meet our official photographer....
LOL we have to start her shopping lessons early so it wouldn't be a hard job for her when she grows up.

we have to stop by the fountain as per our photographer's request, heheheh she's a good sport believe me!

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