Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Gift for my Sister

I have not seen my sister who lives in a different state for over 2 years now.  I haven't visited her despite the fact that she and her family have visited us twice already.  I do miss them especially my little niece who talks a lot with me in the phone.  I guess she got our genes (we talk so much).

The last time my sister was here, we spend most of our days going to the mall.  We are both certified shopaholics.  We went to different stores and look for their sale items and we looked for best deals that we can buy on clothes, shoes and purses. 

Shopping with my sister is not possible right now unless it is online shopping.  I sent her the website of Bluefly because I want her to choose a pair of BCBG shoes.  I want to buy her a pair of shoes of her choice for her birthday.  You see she will be celebrating her birthday in the next few weeks and I want to buy something nice for her.  I am sure that she won't say no to bcbg as this is one of her favorite brands. 

I wish she would choose one of these because I think she will look good on any of these.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Imeldific shopping madness

Yes, friends and enemies I went out shopping with my gf/co-worker Janice and I splurge big time! I spent most of my shopping day with shoes not just 1 or 2 pairs but let sayyy a lot. Actually I shopped twice this week and yes both days were shoe shopping. Don't worry folks I bought 3 of them on sale.

bought this on retail less 30% coupon, since I don't have brown sandals and I'm so in-love of  the style. It also fits so perfectly.

The cheapest of the bunch, $16.50 less 20%, do the math.

Originally, this is almost $200, but was on sale for $34.50 less 20%, again do the math.

bought this on retail price less 30% coupon.

Originally $198 less 75% and 20% coupon, Do the math!