Thursday, November 25, 2010

My Shopping Lists

I am a confessed shopaholic.  I can also be a frugal shopper if I want to and yes, I also splurge at times.  I am lucky because my husband supports me with all my shopping frenzies.  I know what my limits are that is why when there are things that I want and I like, I always look for them at the sale racks.

I have not shopped to the max for the fast few years because I spend my time and energy making sure that I get the highest possible grade that I can while I was studying.  Now that I have succeeded my goal and before I embark into another journey (working as a nurse), I give myself a well deserve time of shopping and relaxation. 

On my shopping list for Christmas are some tops and pants for myself.  I needed to upgrade my wardrobe.  I need some comfortable jeans that I can wear this winter.  To complete my winter wardrobe I need some vests that will give me enough warmth.  Winter here in New Jersey can really be cold and having a vest will be necessary for me.

With all the things that I want to buy for myself this Christmas, I think I need to start shopping early so that I have time to look for the best deals.

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