Sunday, December 12, 2010

The day I said no to shopping

My friends called up early this morning inviting me to join them shopping, for some reason I declined because I was tired from yesterdays ballgame where we stayed outside for like half a day.  The girls were surprised when I said no and prefer to stay home.

Even if I stayed home I browsed coupons for my grocery shopping tomorrow. I don't normally do my grocery shopping during weekends because its too much for me. I call the grocery store a nuthouse. So, tomorrow is my scheduled grocery day for the week.

We'll be out shopping on Thursday though! Hahahah I just skipped today to regenerate myself and I'll be back to my shopping mode, for I too needs relaxation apart from my usual shopping lol.

Branded Items

I am blessed because if I wanted to shop for designer handbags, my husband doesn't complain.  Every time I show him something that I like, he would tell me that I should get it if I like it.  He is very sweet and very giving on all my whims.  Mind you though, I don't abuse it.  I set a limit on my spending.  I can actually say that I am a frugal shopper despite my occasional splurges.

Whenever I accomplish something, I buy something good for myself.  Like when I finished my nursing degree I rewarded myself with a designer shoes.  I bought a pair of shoes that was way above my minimum price for shoes.  Well, I thought that I deserve to wear something extra special on my graduation day, thus I purposely bought it.  True enough, it served its purpose as the shoes was very comfortable and it didn't give my feet a hard time while standing for a long time waiting for the graduation ceremony to end.

I seldom buy designer dresses.  I do buy a good brand during Army-Navy Gala.  This yearly event is special for my husband and I surely don't want to look like somebody from out of nowhere around his friends thus it is important for me to dress for the occasion.

For me, designer items are for special occasions and not for daily wear and tear.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Wicked Fresh Moment

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I am a confessed shopaholic!  I shop and look for the best deals even if it will take me hours to do so.  Sometimes, me and my girlfriends have to drive for two hours to shop at Atlantic City.  Almost always when we planned a shopping trip we spend a whole day shopping.  Being out with friends for the whole day, I always make sure that I am ready to flash my brightest smile when posing for pictures.  Our latest shopping trip last week was one of my wicked fresh moment where I was able to pose for pictures with my girlfriends.  I can proudly say that I can always flash a great smile because I use a 
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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Shopping party experience

As mentioned in my blog, Janice and I went to attend the Fashion Rewards shopping Party hosted by Nordstrom. It was a fun experience, I didn't expected it that way. It was so cool, cocktails were overflowing, I didn't drink any alcoholic treats though, because I know I'm gonna be driving after our shopping. I only drink the sparkling water with pomegranate seeds in it, it looks so classy. 
How can you beat shopping with free drinks on your hand?

In the middle of our shopping I felt tired and sat on one of the couches they have at their shoes section. We purposely sat in their while waiting for the person who did our personalized gifts.

Here's the personalized gift I'm talking about, isn't it cute?
We agreed to buy those for our husbands. I was really tempted to buy one for myself and put my name in it, but the line was too long. So, we finished the night me drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows and a few bites of marshmallows dipped in chocolate and pistachios crumbs.
when tired from shopping sit in one of those couches the store provided for their shoppers, no body will let you move out of you your spot!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My Very Own Christmas Tradition

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Pier 1 Imports. All opinions are 100% mine.

I grew up in a country where Christmas is a big thing.  Philippine Christmas is very festive.  I tried my best to live in that tradition thus even if I am living thousand of miles away from Philippines, I still have my own Christmas tradition.

Part of my Christmas tradition is to give holiday gifts to all my good friends here.  I always buy something that they can use. I am still not done with my Christmas Shopping.  I found great bargains at Pier 1 Imports.  The Reversible Luxie Wrap, a reversible blanket with sleeves will be a perfect gift for my friend who is just new here in New Jersey.  I am sure that she can use this item to keep herself warm this holiday season and throughout the winter time.  There are many gift items that one can buy at Pier 1 Imports.

Another Christmas tradition that I practice is donating.  While doing my holiday shopping I make sure that I donate to Toys for Tots.  During the months of November and December you and I can support Toys for Tots by dropping unwrapped toys or making cash donation at the register.  You can also spread the holiday cheer by liking Pier 1 Imports on Facebook. Pier 1 Imports will donate $1 to Toys for Tots for every fan that they will get.

This year, I will be hosting a Christmas party again.  For me, a must have item to purchase to have a great Christmas party are those Christma-theme napkins and table linens.  I can't wait for the holiday season and before it's too late, I will be shopping some more!

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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What's new today?

I bought a black mascara from Chanel and a lipstick from Mac. I got freebies to try on, which includes 1 pc Laura Mercier lipgloss and Clinique lipgloss also and a few samples of Prada and Balenciaga perfumes, both bottle of perfumes can be worn 3 or 4 times depending on the amount you sprayed, the smaller the amount you put on the longer it runs out.
Would you believe I only paid $9.22 including taxes, okay the total bill was $46 + tax, I had $40 Nordstrom note so its like shopping for less with a much more in hand. I'm not kidding, that's why I posted the receipt so you know I am not bluffing! Isn't it sweet?

Thursday, November 25, 2010

My Shopping Lists

I am a confessed shopaholic.  I can also be a frugal shopper if I want to and yes, I also splurge at times.  I am lucky because my husband supports me with all my shopping frenzies.  I know what my limits are that is why when there are things that I want and I like, I always look for them at the sale racks.

I have not shopped to the max for the fast few years because I spend my time and energy making sure that I get the highest possible grade that I can while I was studying.  Now that I have succeeded my goal and before I embark into another journey (working as a nurse), I give myself a well deserve time of shopping and relaxation. 

On my shopping list for Christmas are some tops and pants for myself.  I needed to upgrade my wardrobe.  I need some comfortable jeans that I can wear this winter.  To complete my winter wardrobe I need some vests that will give me enough warmth.  Winter here in New Jersey can really be cold and having a vest will be necessary for me.

With all the things that I want to buy for myself this Christmas, I think I need to start shopping early so that I have time to look for the best deals.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

New boots for moi

Here it is!! Presenting to you my chocolate colored UGG Boots, believe me this baby is so comfy and easy to slip on.
Before you guys kill me for spending a hefty amount for UGG boots, let me tell how how cold it is here in my state of residence. Right now our temperature is 39 degrees Fahrenheit and take note it is still mid November, winter season isn't there yet, how much more it gets cold when it is already in the full blast winter with blizzards and snow all over the town. I guess if I'll be buried on ice,  promise nobody would notice because I will not smell. Or maybe I'm just not too practical when it comes to spending. Ugh! what the heck, I'm not gonna be able to take my fortune to my grave, that if I have fortune--err a fortune cookie maybe!

To make my shopping complete I also bought a black boots to pair for my dress clothes to church. I thought I needed a dress boots when I was shopping because I felt bad for my UGG boots which I am sure I'm going to use this all the time. So, this boots would be its company and they'll be both happy serving me this cold months.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

the best thing in life is LIBRE (free)

I got couple of good deals this week I mean really good ones from Victoria Secret. For the record I only wear this label for my undergarments because I just love it, blame my husband who enrolled me their store. Anyhow, here's what I'm talking about.

I'm telling you this lacy thong is free from Victoria secret which is priced at $12.50 each. I got their monthly giveaway card-- a $10 off on any bra purchase and free lacy thong which is no purchase necessary, meaning I could have claimed the thong by itself no ifs and buts. Yet, I still opted to use my $10 for a new pair of bra and 3 pcs panties.

The bra above is priced @ $42 less $10 so its final cost is only $32 not bad! Since I got it in red I may as well buy a pair of panties to match its red and black trim, they ripped me of with the underwear, if I only buy one I'll have to pay $12.50 each but if I'll get 3 pairs it will only costs $30, do the math! that's $7.50 savings for all 3! Okay, I went overboard! When I paid my purchases, I got a free weekend tote! You read it right it's FREE!

This tote costs $80! Although I spent $62 for all the items I got, I received a total of $110 savings and free stuff combined, who can beat that? And remember no sales tax for shoes and clothing here in New Jersey, so as the freebies I got. Who said my shopping habit is very costly?

Friday, November 12, 2010

shopping galore!

I went shopping this week at Cherry Hill, its a bit of a ride hmmm around 5 miles lol! I can't count how many traffic lights to get there, that means its kinda far of a ride hahahah considering Deptford Mall which is just 2 traffic lights from my house, let's say not even a mile. Ask my brother-in-law David, he knew what I am talking about.

I just bought couple of tops and 2 sweaters, I'll post my shopping finds when I feel like doing it for the meantime I'll share you my shopping companions.

Meet our official photographer....
LOL we have to start her shopping lessons early so it wouldn't be a hard job for her when she grows up.

we have to stop by the fountain as per our photographer's request, heheheh she's a good sport believe me!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Purple shoes

Okay, okay I shopped today and found a very dainty purple shoes. Actually, my main reason driving to the mall on a rainy day is to pay my Nordstrom credit card. I know I used credit card when I shop but I see to it that when the bill comes I have to pay the entire bill to avoid financing charges. That's the secret! I never had any instance wherein my credit cards were paid on installment, it's a big no-no in my vocabulary, call me conceited but that's how I was trained by my ever dutiful and loving husband who supported my shopping trips.

Back to my purple shoes, initially I didn't plan on buying this but at the back of my head I was thinking of my purple dresses at home which I haven't have a shoes that matches them, I wore neutral shoe color if I need to wear any of them dresses. So, this time is my chance of buying my first purple shoes. Had this shoes sold at its retail price I wouldn't consider buying because it is way too much. Why? Because I might wear this only few times, it is not practical and besides the weather is getting cooler each day so dainty shoes goes to the back of the closet until warm season comes.

As you can see, it is made by bebe, one of my favorite brands. I can't believe Nordstrom carry this brand in their store because I haven't seen them in the store during my previous shopping trips. I'm suspecting that other branches carry those but not at Cherry Hill Mall. Oh! by the way they are on sale so maybe("just maybe") they forwarded their left over items from the other stores because there were only 2 stores having women's items on sale this week, that figures right?

Thursday, October 14, 2010

The starter

I had been blogging for quite sometime now and I realized that I need to open a new blog dedicated to the things I love the most--shopping. Yes, you read it right, I love to shop, who doesn't?

When I was growing up shopping is taboo, you know why? Because we don't have the resources to spend for, we don't even have much in a way of food for our stomachs, so definitely shopping spree is out of the picture.

Anyway for today's pick, I got couple pairs of continental rods for our newly renovated house, although I have several old rods but I still opted to buy new sets to make everything looks fresh, and attractive, we already spent a lot for the renovation it won't be a big deal spending more for the window treatments.

Below is a picture of the rods that I am talking about: