Thursday, November 18, 2010

New boots for moi

Here it is!! Presenting to you my chocolate colored UGG Boots, believe me this baby is so comfy and easy to slip on.
Before you guys kill me for spending a hefty amount for UGG boots, let me tell how how cold it is here in my state of residence. Right now our temperature is 39 degrees Fahrenheit and take note it is still mid November, winter season isn't there yet, how much more it gets cold when it is already in the full blast winter with blizzards and snow all over the town. I guess if I'll be buried on ice,  promise nobody would notice because I will not smell. Or maybe I'm just not too practical when it comes to spending. Ugh! what the heck, I'm not gonna be able to take my fortune to my grave, that if I have fortune--err a fortune cookie maybe!

To make my shopping complete I also bought a black boots to pair for my dress clothes to church. I thought I needed a dress boots when I was shopping because I felt bad for my UGG boots which I am sure I'm going to use this all the time. So, this boots would be its company and they'll be both happy serving me this cold months.

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