Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Kor water bottle

I admit when I like something and sees that the price is affordable according to my means, I will surely get it. My husband asked my why I am itching to go out today and check  those water bottles at the mall. I simply replied, I want something from there, and I can not see myself sleeping without touching it, let alone owning one. So off we went to the mall and end up frustrated because GNC doesn't carry it in their store however, they have it on their online store, my ever dependable husband said why not try other stores.. look who's talking.. he was the one who questioned me why I have to go check the item I had in mind for days.. and he wanted me to check another store??? Oh well I must've taught well  on how to shop or maybe he just wanted me to be happy and avoid crankiness throughout the night. I was initially settled of the thought that I have a coming shipment from the company itself, not just one item but four! How insane is that?

Okay here's the water bottle that I am talking about:
The set coming up on the mail are these:
Aren't they cool?

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