Thursday, June 2, 2011

behind those shopping trips.

There's this song "if a picture paints a thousand na na da da da..." my point is not about the cheesyness that envelops the message of the song but how it relates to the numerous times I had spent shopping. I thought I am a self confessed bag-a-holic but a shoe-a-holic instead. My friend Mel told me to take a picture of all my shoes ohh well I don't want to brag about it but its kind of a relief owning quite a few...errr a lot maybe? Facebook became active last night eastern time when I posted those 3 pictures.
I haven't thought that I could accumulate this much in less than 3 years, yes you read me right 3 long years of shoes shopping and still counting and by the way, only those New Balances sneakers are my husband's all the rests are mine.

Almost all the corners you can imagine in our house, are piles of shoe boxes. When I was young I wished to have a decent pair of shoes but I just simply can't, in order to feed my altered growing up years I somehow tried to patch up those times when I barely got nothing, without even knowing that I spent too much.

If I didn't send home those used shoes, sandals, flip-flops I think I could have been buried with it. When dad was with us, he lavished me with numerous shopping trips to the shoe store. He introduced me to shop at Macy's and the rests are my own finds all over. Believe me, if manong could see all these and the prices for each pair he would surely say, that is worth a big rice field!

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