Monday, May 16, 2011

Relationship Advice

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I have been married for over 7 years.  Just last year, we had our church wedding in the Philippines which was a  very nice celebration attended by my family and friends.  It was very memorable.


My marriage life is not perfect.  We have our shares of adjustments, struggles, and arguments the same with any other couples.  Interracial marriages undergo more adjustments because we have too many things that are not common between us.  We did survive and we are enjoying our married life. 


After 7 years, we are still in love and happy with each other.  It still feel like we are still dating which is a good thing.  We still give each other little surprises, do something sweet for each other and such.  There are many tips on keeping your relationship fresh , once you keep your love burning, I am sure you will have a great and successful married life.  As famous writer Hill Harper said, "Relationship is difficult but it is also amazing".  You can watch his video where he talks about relationship and how important it is to have a great conversation with your partner. 


If you feel like your marriage or relationship is in the stage where everything is dull, you should do something.  Visit and explore the different relationship advice that you can find in their site.  Each of us may have different relationship problems and each one of us can learn from each other's experiences. is a very informative website.  Because I believe in them, I already like their facebook page.  You should too!

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