Sunday, May 1, 2011

Addition to Imeldific's ward (wink)

As I have promised from my previous blog that I'm going to post pictures of my latest finds. I know I sound silly and at times bragging my stuff, please bear with me I didn't experience such luxury when I was growing up. This is my way of feeding my altered social growing up years.(read:nakuratan)

These are the 4 of Imeldific's new ward

Both items were purchased at Macy's by Carlos Santana. I haven't worn these yet.

Yellow--by Athena Alexander, Pink---DKNY both from Nordstrom 
I wore them twice already as I only go out after work strolling the mall or visiting friends. The weather here in NJ is crazy, one day its warm the next day is cold so spring season hasn't really sprung yet. There's no way that I can be glamorous yet freezing!

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