Sunday, April 17, 2011

on to shopping note

My close friends knew me as a shoe loving gal, ohh well its every woman's trait I think. For the love of shoes my closet is filled with numerous pairs of different footwear designs. Back then when I wasn't working yet, I limit myself on buying shoes, I see to it that I have the money to pay for. I saved from my weekly allowance and from the remainder of our weekly household budget. Now that I am working, I splurge, everytime I see a nice looking pair I would never think twice.

During my days off, I am frequent to the mall, Macy's and Nordstrom are my favorite places to shop. I also shop at my favorite boutiques like Guess by Marciano, Bebe, BCBG, CK, Ann Taylor... to name a few. I am more of a shoe and purse, unlike J my closest friend, she is more of jewelries and watches. Majority of my frequent purchases recently are shoes and dresses. I wear them few times and send back home when I felt tired of the item. Purse is different I keep them except the coach handbags which I already outgrew, I only kept 2 handbags for sentimental reasons. I once mentioned to my sister that coach no longer entice me. As a matter of fact she asked my first Marc Jacob purchase but I refused because it was the last item of its kind. I told her if she wants me to buy a different one but she don't want rather asked me to buy an Ipad  which I agreed but not right away.

Right now I am saving for my dream handbag as it costs my entire month's pay. I'll buy it for my birthday. Since I had been working a lot lately I bought quite few interesting pieces which deserve another blog entry with pictures of course.

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