Thursday, December 9, 2010

Shopping party experience

As mentioned in my blog, Janice and I went to attend the Fashion Rewards shopping Party hosted by Nordstrom. It was a fun experience, I didn't expected it that way. It was so cool, cocktails were overflowing, I didn't drink any alcoholic treats though, because I know I'm gonna be driving after our shopping. I only drink the sparkling water with pomegranate seeds in it, it looks so classy. 
How can you beat shopping with free drinks on your hand?

In the middle of our shopping I felt tired and sat on one of the couches they have at their shoes section. We purposely sat in their while waiting for the person who did our personalized gifts.

Here's the personalized gift I'm talking about, isn't it cute?
We agreed to buy those for our husbands. I was really tempted to buy one for myself and put my name in it, but the line was too long. So, we finished the night me drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows and a few bites of marshmallows dipped in chocolate and pistachios crumbs.
when tired from shopping sit in one of those couches the store provided for their shoppers, no body will let you move out of you your spot!

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