Sunday, December 12, 2010

Branded Items

I am blessed because if I wanted to shop for designer handbags, my husband doesn't complain.  Every time I show him something that I like, he would tell me that I should get it if I like it.  He is very sweet and very giving on all my whims.  Mind you though, I don't abuse it.  I set a limit on my spending.  I can actually say that I am a frugal shopper despite my occasional splurges.

Whenever I accomplish something, I buy something good for myself.  Like when I finished my nursing degree I rewarded myself with a designer shoes.  I bought a pair of shoes that was way above my minimum price for shoes.  Well, I thought that I deserve to wear something extra special on my graduation day, thus I purposely bought it.  True enough, it served its purpose as the shoes was very comfortable and it didn't give my feet a hard time while standing for a long time waiting for the graduation ceremony to end.

I seldom buy designer dresses.  I do buy a good brand during Army-Navy Gala.  This yearly event is special for my husband and I surely don't want to look like somebody from out of nowhere around his friends thus it is important for me to dress for the occasion.

For me, designer items are for special occasions and not for daily wear and tear.


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