Thursday, October 14, 2010

The starter

I had been blogging for quite sometime now and I realized that I need to open a new blog dedicated to the things I love the most--shopping. Yes, you read it right, I love to shop, who doesn't?

When I was growing up shopping is taboo, you know why? Because we don't have the resources to spend for, we don't even have much in a way of food for our stomachs, so definitely shopping spree is out of the picture.

Anyway for today's pick, I got couple pairs of continental rods for our newly renovated house, although I have several old rods but I still opted to buy new sets to make everything looks fresh, and attractive, we already spent a lot for the renovation it won't be a big deal spending more for the window treatments.

Below is a picture of the rods that I am talking about:

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