Monday, July 9, 2012

Forgotten shopping bags.

How often do you forget to unpack your shopping bags? For me, it always happen, silly but true. While cleaning up my closet, I found several shopping bags with its contents and receipts. I realized that I have been shopping too much of the same items without knowing that I already bought similar items over and over again only to forget unpacking them. I know I am in a habit of stashing shopping bags to the guestroom closet and forget about it, then when I open my drawers, finding out I need this and that for my next shopping trip. Am I getting old or just making excuses to shop?

Well anyway dry goods like intimate apparels will not go bad, unlike food which I made sure I put them in the fridge or in the pantry. But sometimes, I have boxes of pasta which are way past the dates. Call it a total waste. But I can't keep track of what we have in stock.  I tried not to buy more than we can consume in weeks food supply because we both work full time and seldom cook. During our days off, we'd rather eat out than cook. Simple as that. We are saving our energies for the next days of work. 

Shopping bags kept in the closet untouched for months

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