Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Shopping for MOM

When my brother got married last June, I saw my mom's photos lugging a huge purse inappropriate for the occasion. My sister and I got alarmed. Maybe the fashion savvy in us made us think that mom didn't look great with an everyday purse during a more formal gathering. I understand that fashionable clutch bag is not my mom's main concern because she has been through a lot of tough times during our growing up years. 

Anyhow, I bought clutch bags for her so she can use 'em whenever she attends a formal event like weddings and parties that requires her to dress up.  Currently I got two different designs that I think she'll be able to enjoy regardless of the color of her outfit. Fashion trend always changing,  it does not follow one single rule, not long time ago, shoes and bags should match but nowadays, it doesn't have to match rather making each piece work  together to compliment with the outfit and the attitude of the person wearing them. It does made sense to me now. I like the idea of mixing different pieces and the result creates a touch of class and hip. Unless going for a classic look, black color always go with other shades of black like cooper tone and or silver gray. Otherwise, reinventing color coordination is a must have in today's trend.

Gold clutch, this can be worn with any color of shoes and trendy printed clothes to classic & monotone dresses and the result should be an awesome combination.

Leopard print, like the gold one above this can be matched with monotone shoes & outfit. As I have said, fashion does not have to follow one single rule. This design can be used in different occasion, be it formal or semi-formal depending on the event. For formal occasions, I suggest to wear solid colors depending on your mood, because your mood is one of the basics in showing your fashion sense. For semi-formal event, like dining out or clubbing, wear your best outfit with a contrasting color of shoes like fuschia, green or even neon colors. Reinvent yourself!

I guess for my mom, she doesn't have to reinvent herself, by simply upgrading to a more sophisticated pieces. I'm sure the featured items I showed will make a big difference. I just hope she'll use them even if she's not quite into small purses. Maybe a little bit of encouragement. What you think?

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