Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2011 fashion trends

Fashion styles always come and go. For 2011 fashion color highlights the floral colors, those which are themed as "uplifting" and "soften, energize, and excite." Since 2010 was the year of financial woes, thus the color trends for 2011 has to do with positivity and vibrancy.

Here's the color palette for 2011 fashion inspiration

Winter/Spring styles are mostly in monotone highlighting whites as its main color

Vera Wang's 2011 Wedding dress styles

Spring/Summer trends

Though fashion changes every season, you don't have to do what the fashion experts are saying. The best fashion trend a person has to carry is oneself and that's the ultimate fashion sense. Regardless what the people say its yourself that has to project your true statement of fashion. Each individual has his own favorite trend that will last a lifetime. Just be comfortable with yourself and you're good to go. And remember, following the whole new trend doesn't work with everybody, just pick up one or two pieces to add up to your classic fashion style I'm sure it can go a long way. One more thing be yourself!

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